The #1 Trick For Staying On Top Of The Tidying

If you have any kind of a busy life you know how easy it can be to fall behind in your daily tidying, especially if you have kids, or pets who don't tend to help as much with the tidying part of the home.

My house has children and pets and two very busy adults, so to help stay on top of it all I have come up with a little trick. It helps me stay on task (which is important for the easily distracted) and get a lot done in a short amount of time.

It only takes me 15 min a room and what I get done in that amount of time is what gets done

in that room for that day.

If I am feeling like the room needs more and after the 15 min and I feel I can give it more time than I will extend the timer. I will also do the opposite, if I am having a relatively draining day and maybe don't have it in me to give it 15 min, and that's totally ok. This isn't a trick to always make every room perfect every day but to make progress. Some days you will be able to tackle everything and some days you may only work in one room and both are perfectly okay.

Taking the time to put any time in when you are feeling exhausted is something to be celebrated. So aim for 15 min try not to go less than 5 min, and get stuff done.

So before you start tidying the space I want you to first grab

  • Garbage bag/bin

  • laundry basket

  • 1-2 bins (depending on your preference)

and then think about these 5 categories

  1. Garbage

  2. Laundry

  3. Dishes

  4. Things with a place

  5. Things without a place

Everything you will need to pick up will fit into one of these categories.

Now you set your timer, turn up some music and amp your self up, then press start. You are first going to go around the room and collect all the garbage. Next collect laundry and throw it in your laundry bin. When that is done you move to the next item. Only doing 1 item at a time. This will help you to stay on task.

When you get to things with a place you can either put these things in one of your bins, Maybe you'll have one for upstairs and one for downstairs depending on your home. Or you might have one for each of the people those items belong to to put away. You can also just go put the thing in its place or into the room (anywhere in that room) of where it belongs to be put in its place later.

For things without a place you will put into your bin. These items will need to be dealt with but are sometimes a little more difficult to deal with in the moment as they may be needed for a specific time and are in limbo till that time.

  1. Garbage into the garbage bin

  2. Laundry into the laundry bin

  3. Dishes to the kitchen (do not wash or put in dishwasher, stay on task)

  4. Things with a place to that place, corresponding room or bin

  5. Things without a place to bin to be dealt with

After that you are done. So remember this is for progress and to help from falling behind not for making everything perfect all of the time. I also want to say that this is for tidying the room not cleaning the room. I will also be giving my trick for that as well.

If you give this trick a try and it works for you we want to hear about it. Tag us on Facebook or Instgram to let us see what this tidy trick does for you.

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