Keeping Good Kitchen Hygiene Everyone Can and Should Do

The kitchen is the heart of a home where people gather and can easily be classified the busiest room in most homes. Since there is so much action happening in this area keeping up on the hygiene is important, but don't you worry it can also be easy by following these rules.

Proper Fridge Storage

The fridge is obviously the most important tool for storing and keeping food. However there are some things to remember to make sure you are not using your fridge improperly. First is making sure your food has cooled completely before putting into the refrigerator, this is because the if there is a quick change in the temperature of the food it can cause it to go bad quickly. As well as putting food into the fridge at the right time it is also important to go through and clean out your fridge of old and expired foods to keep the smell and yuck down.

Clean Your Sinks

As innocent and beautiful as our sinks like to look they are terrible for harboring germs, and bacteria that can cause smells and other nasty. When we use our sinks grease and food particles can get stuck in our sinks and drains and if it is not cleaned regularly than it can start to rot and be a breading ground for bacteria. The good news is that if you regularly clean your sinks and drains than it will be an easy task. What you need to do is, clean your sink with hot soapy water after doing dishes/ emptying your sink and running hot water down your drains to make sure they are being cleaned out as well.

Take Out The Trash

Our kitchens have not only regular garbage but also has most if not all of your organics garbage, food scraps, coffee grounds, egg shells and anything else. It is important to not only separate these items into your compost bucket so it can be composted but also remove these items from your kitchen daily. If you are not able to compost these items and mix them into your regular garbage then keep a smaller garbage in your kitchen so again you can empty it daily to remove anything that can grow bacteria and smell.

Wash Your Fruit and Vegetables

Most fruits and vegetables are sprayed with insecticides, pesticides, waxes and other things that we want to avoid ingesting. To make sure your food is as good for you as it can be, wash your fruit and vegetables before your store or eat them. Doing this will make sure no other items in your fridge is contaminated and that your family is safe.

Check On Your Oven

For how often we use our ovens we do not clean them enough. Every time we use our ovens small bits of food and grease build up and become unhygienic, less efficient and if there is enough build up it will become a fire hazard as well. You can quickly wipe out your oven every couple days (when its cold) with hot soapy water to keep the build up to a minimum and we should be deep cleaning our oven with an the built in self clean or oven cleaner (that is safe for your oven) once a month.

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